What kind of camera do you use?

↑ A question I get all the time! But sometimes, a quick DM isn't enough to cover the monster topic that is camera gear!

Whether you're a total newbie or you've been shooting for a long time, you can use this page as a buying guide!

What are you looking for?

Are you a beginner looking for your first camera setup?

Camera Bodies

We're going to keep this really simple because the photography gear world is confusing and cluttered enough!

Beginner/Budget Friendly

My Current Camera

This is the camera I started out with. It's a mirrorless APS-C camera and perfect for casual hobby photographers and beginners.

This is a mirrorless full frame camera, as opposed to a crop sensor like the one to the left. Keep in mind, the lenses for this camera are not ideal for the crop sensor cameras, like the a6500.

*Tip: Don't be afraid to buy a refurbished camera body from a credible source like B&H Warehouse! That's how I purchased my current camera. Better for the pocketbook and the planet!

Lenses For Beginners

All of these lenses pair perfectly with with Sony APS-C cameras like the a6500. These were my personal favorites when I started:

Sonny 50mm f1.8
Best for Portraits

Sigma 16mm f1.4
Best for Landscapes and Astrophotography

My Current Lenses 

I use these lenses with the Sony a7r III camera body.

Sony 24-70mm f2.8
 Workhorse Lens!!

Sony 16-35mm f2.8
Wide Angle Zoom

Sony 85mm f1.8
Portrait Lens

Try Before You Buy

Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to buy!

Maybe you need a telephoto lens for one specific trip OR you want to test out a camera body before fully committing to a purchase OR maybe you've got a photographer in your life who would love a rental as a gift!

My friends at LensRental are your people!

I rented the Sony 70-200mm telephoto lens from them on my road-trip to the Southwest in 2020. At first I was skeptical (and stressed out about renting a $2,300 lens) but they made it so easy, stress free, and affordable!

It's All About the Accessories

Okay, not really but they're fun! Here are all the items in my arsenal that are not camera bodies or lenses:

This pack is incredible for people like me who need a rugged bag that's ready to face the elements. Get the core unit to go inside the pack and separate your lenses.

I hate tripods but not this one! This is THE no-fuss tripod that you can PUT IN YOUR BACKPACK! It's that lightweight and compact. This is a tripod to last a lifetime!

This is how I clip my camera to the strap of my backpack, any backpack. This will keep your camera at your fingertips. Perfect for hikes!

If you need to cut reflections from an image, like a waterfall, a circular polarizer will take your photographs to the next level! Some folks keep one of these on their camera at all times!

I hate straps but not this one! This is a quick connect style strap, meaning I can quickly remove it from my camera when it's in the way but also not drop it in the river in between shots, ya know?

Ah organization! Whether you're a hot mess like me or a well organized human, you'll LOVE this little bag for all your bits and baubles. I feel like I could pass for an organized human with this at my side.

Such a simple thing to keep in your pack and so helpful! Please, please, please don't use your shirt to clean your lens anymore!

When I'm away from my home desktop, I edit all my photos on a MacBook. This trusty little adapter allows me to import photos from the SD card! Easy peasy.

When it comes to your work, you want to make sure it's safe and cozy someplace other than your laptop, right? This external storage drive is super durable and an industry leader.

This small tripod is helpful for some video work like vlogging and stabilizing slow motion footage.

If you plan to do any videography, this is a great entry level on-camera microphone! This one comes complete with that fuzzy dead cat to limit noise.

Sunglasses for your camera! This filter is very important for videography! It'll allow you to capture your footage no matter how sunny it is outside.

"How Do You Edit Your Photos?"

I'm one of those photographers who gets a big Cheshire grin when it's time to import my photos from the camera to the computer. However, when I was just starting, editing seemed like a good enough reason to not get into photography to begin with. It seemed intimidating and complex. And it can be but it can also be very simple. Here's what I use to keep it simple:



Start here! If you've ever used an editing app on your phone, you know enough to get started with Lightroom. The rest you'll learn as you play with it. YouTube is your BFF!

99% of my editing is done in Adobe Lightroom CC

If I need to remove an object from a photo or fix a giant blemish in the middle of my face, I import my photo into Photoshop. I have friends who solely use Photoshop for all their editing. I just find Lightroom to be a little more user friendly.

Occasionally, I use Adobe Photoshop