My Unpopular Opinion About Holiday Gift-Giving

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  1. Jim wright says:

    My bride and I do crafts and we try to make them specific to the people we give them to so they’re useful or so they mean something in particular to that person…… on the subject of Black Friday we don’t go to stores what I particularly use Black Friday for is places like Lowe’s and Home Depot put tools and supplies on sale on Black Friday that I require for my job and it’s a good opportunity to grab them while they’ve got the price marked down I’ve never actually been shopping on Black Friday I don’t like people that much hahaha… Ashley this was an excellent article I think more people need to look at the whole gift-giving process it’s gotten really far out of control and it puts a lot of people in. That takes the rest of the year to pay off we really need a little more common sense in this country about a lot of things. Just gift-giving but that’s another story and another article from you thanks again

  2. Holly says:

    Oh Ashley, I wrote the exact same message for my Facebook page yesterday that will go live on Black Friday morning. Complete with the best gift I ever recieved was letter from my husband line. Too funny! Anywho, really great post and I’ll be sharing now and also schedule for later. Now get back to wreath making!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Enjoyed this take on gift giving for holidays! Im one of those people that get great joy out of finding that perfect unexpected gift for everyone. I also love to make homemade gifts from the heart crafted, sewn or baked! I do think gifts of experiences are awesome also. We do all need to find a balance so that the holidays can be something we look forward to not giving anxiety.

  4. Kelsey says:

    Thank you for this!!! Someone who understands how I feel. There’s quite a huge difference between gift-giving because you want to/love to & going nutso/broke to meet society’s standards. Having worked at a retail store for a couple years, I’m mindblown by people’s “must-have” attitudes and lack of joy around the holidays. How do people not see the materialism? How is Black Friday a “holiday”? Ya got me started girl! Ha!

  5. Lisa says:

    Beautiful! I have “cut down” on Christmas for several years now. I have been giving experiences, homemade gifts and letters of gratitude to the ones I love and care for. Thank you for the well written insight and ideas. I hope you have a happy holiday season!!

  6. Bill Vitali (Vito) says:

    I love this post Ashley!! Like so many I’ve always had a tendency to get kind of depressed around the holidays. It’s always stressful especially if you are entertaining or hosting one family or the other. I find myself just wanting to escape and be alone in some quiet destination. Much of the gift giving is kind of ridiculous and I hate the madness of holiday shopping, although I have found some pretty good deals on outdoor gear for myself 🙂 I hope a lot of people read this post. It helps to put things in perspective.

  7. Ned Miller says:

    Ashley, not only are you a great writer, you live what you write… You and you dad gave my family the “best possible” early Christmas gift last August. You had no way of knowing that my wife and I were celebrating our 50tH Anniversary with our two sons, daughter in laws and 10 grandkids at VCO when you let us spend time on your slide and swing. Precious, forever memories were made and we left with nothing material… but did leave with precious memories and two new “up north” friends. We were blessed by you that day! A special gift. Please say hello to your dad from the Millers! See you next summer! God bless.
    Ned Miller

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