Living Remotely – A Transportation Guide

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  1. Wow! I think it’s so neat to travel in different ways and have made an effort to use all forms when possible. I took a water taxi to an island in Fiji, I rode on a crazy looking bus in Samoa with the locals, and my favorite was the cargo boat I took over the international timeline to get from Samoa to American Samoa! What a day that was ???? it’s great hearing you are enjoying and embracing the life of traveling however you can. It’s not always easy, but it makes for great stories and tons of fun!

    • admin says:

      Oh my gosh, those are great stories!! World traveler over here! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 And for the kind words!

  2. Paul Lombard says:

    I really enjoyed your story tonight, I understand there are difficulties to overcome,but on the other hand there are great rewards living at the trails end, it’s all wrapped in to one word
    ( adventure) in my opinion anyway, Ashley you left a world of convenience, but gained a lifetime of family memories, things you remember growing up, and places in the big white pines your grandparents traveled,
    which I believe your ancestors are smiling down at you, as you are living in a world as they have, and the time you get to spend with your father is definitely incredible learning from his wisdom,Ashley you are a (HERO)in my eyes, for the steps you have taken, leaving convenience, to living off grid, I am truly proud to have been blessed to follow you,

    Okay now some of my adventures,
    I go camping quite often, with my family, we go to a place where we have no electricity or running water,just a hand pump for drinking and cooking, and washing , I follow in the same foot steps as my ancestors did, and camp in same area, we just use tents, our cooking is done over a pit with a grate,coffee made the same way, there is a lake that we fish and have a fish fry, we go hiking on the trails, back to another lake which is very remote, so we carry a canoe it along hike,but the scenery is worth it, plus the fishing is tremendous,
    I have also spent alot of time in Cody Wyoming, hiking and camping throughout Yellowstone, looking at scenery, there are some other areas around Cody Wyoming I have hiked and camped with my family, all this switch backs, all the wild life I was able to see was wonderful experience, in conclusion of my long winded comments,lol
    Ashley your living the dream most people wish of,Have a great evening and thank you again
    Sincerely Paul Lombard

    • admin says:

      Paul! Gosh, thank you for making me smile with your review and compliments! That has to be the kindest response I’ve received since starting this blog! I am very lucky to have you as a reader and friend.

      I’m also very thankful that you’ve shared your stories! I really truly enjoyed reading them. Your camping spot sounds like perfection and simplicity all rolled into one. I’m sure you have made wonderful memories of camping with your family there over the years. It’s hard to beat camp coffee and a good fish fry!

      As for Cody, Wyoming, I’ve only driven through but you make it sounds like a good place to visit!

      Again, thank you so much for sharing! I hope you’ll continue to do so because I enjoy reading!

      Have a great evening,


  3. John F. says:

    Thanks for another great post. I’m sorry I missed you at the lodge the other day. It’s always nice to see you and your dad when you come by.

    There’s one sure thing about snowmobiles, they break down. I’m glad you have alternatives and are able to find the good in working around the problem, but I hope you get your sled back soon.

    Lastly, thanks for brightening my morning. It is refreshing reading thoughts from someone who is looking for the good in their situation. Too often it is the other way around folks try to look for the worst and look past their blessings. We would all be better off with your frame of mind.

    I hope to see you and your dad some time soon at the lodge!


    • admin says:

      Hey John,

      Thank you so much for the kind, encouraging words and reading along! We sure love coming to your lodge…it really has a sense of home!

      You must know, all too well, the challenges of living up here. I’m happy you could relate and opt to find the positives. There are so many to find. 🙂

      If you’re around tonight, for the first Fondue Night, we will see you! Matt and Cassidy from Voyageur Canoe Outfitters decided we should all go enjoy the fondue as part of the Cook County Hygge Festival. Can’t wait!