Current Season:


slow, cozy, contemplative, yin, restful, still, grounded, satiating


sleep longer, simple meditation, gentle yoga, warm beverages, cozy layers, make space for being unproductive (you heard me, woman)


walking/easy hiking, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice skating, skiing, wildlife watching, reading by the window


decrease the intensity of your workout routine, focus on cultivating a dreamy bedtime routine, prioritize time with family, make space for yourself to just be


nourishing comfort foods, slow cooked, hearty grains, soups, stews, warm spices, red wine rather than beer, saltier + more bitter foods than in summer


Minimal goal setting + planning, more day dreaming, less hustling. Winter is our opportunity to rest + recharge so we can plan in the spring, execute in summer, and harvest in autumn.

My Winter living Essentials

Winter living resources


Favorite journal
I "preheat" my bed with this blanket
Any mug from this potter
This birdseed for hours of wildlife entertainment 



Hydrating Night Cream
Restorative Face Serum
↑ both nontoxic ↑
These beeswax candles at night (no artificial light before bed)
Reishi Calm Elixir before bed

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