Current Season:


Expansive, magnetic, lively, playful, electric, social, passionate, maximum growth.


Sweat often, spend as much time outdoors as possible, practice releasing emotions and remaining in the moment, rise and sleep with the sun.


Long hikes, sweaty runs, evening bonfires, a dip in the lake, gardening, paddling, biking, rock climbing, camping, boating, everything outdoors!


Get into the routine of moving the energy in your body through exercise and mindfulness. The goal is to keep energy from stagnating and forming attachments.


Light and cool is key, heavy meats kept in moderation, think salads and fresh fruit, cold beverages rather than hot.


Now is the time to execute. What were your hopes and dreams during the spring? Now is the time to grow towards those, knowing that the harvest season is just around the corner.

Summer living resources


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my outdoor experiences, it’s that I need relatively few gizmos, gadgets, gear, and clothing to feel happy and at home in the wilderness. However, here’s the caveat: those few items I need must be good quality, functional, and intentional! Quality I cannot frequently have my gear breaking or […]

My BWCA Camping Essentials

What’s your least favorite part about going on a canoe trip? Your answer: I’d love to know! Comment below! My answer: Packing! Usually, I end up throwing some random crap in a pack to avoid the stress of meticulously packing…I’m not what they call “a perfectionist”. However, this year I’m not doing that! Instead, I’ve […]

Canoe Trip Packing Checklist

Yesterday, I walked back into the Pepper Shack after a month away. Longest month ever! Opening the big cedar door, I could smell the smokey ashes of the last fire I had in the wood stove back in March. The sense of nostalgia sparked excitement for a new summer of memories ahead – memories of […]

A Podcast: How the Magic of Summer Camp Lives On