Never underestimate yourself.

You are the wilderness!

As I mentioned in my about page, I've worked with hundreds of girls and women in outdoors and collectively we have one thing in common:

We doubt our abilities and compare ourselves to the outdoorsy-est among us.

*Ah comparison, a familiar foe of the female persuasion 

But do you know what else I've noticed across the board?

When a woman portages her first canoe or builds her first campfire, she realizes exactly how capable she truly is.

When a woman lets her modern life slip away in the outdoors for a moment, she centers herself. She returns to her goals and routines, more alive (and less stressed) in every regard.

A relationship with the wilderness is sparked and spills into all aspects of her life, empowering and brightening every corner.

This section of the blog is here to do two things for you:

1. Affirm your ability and empower you to develop a relationship with the outdoors for yourself, no matter where you live or what kind of experience you have.

2. Define what that connection will look like FOR YOURSELF. You don't have to summit mountains or hike across countries to have the most meaningful and beneficial relationship with mama earth!

If you walk away with any message from The Cabin Season I hope it's this: The outdoors, the wilderness, mother nature - she'd like to be a foundation of wellness and inspiration for you. It's your birthright to connect with her in a mutually beneficial relationship. You are the wilderness! (You can thank this Brené Brown book for that perfectly cheesy motivational line)

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*Looking for the Beginner's Guide to Winter Camping? I'll save you some digging - it's right HERE

Back in March, my Uncle Terry who runs our sister camp, Camp Birchwood for Girls, asked me if I had any interest in leading a 5 Day BWCA trip for a group of seven girls and one co-leader. I believe my answer was, “heck yeah!” The plan was to do the Voyageur Highway, which was […]

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Yesterday, I walked back into the Pepper Shack after a month away. Longest month ever! Opening the big cedar door, I could smell the smokey ashes of the last fire I had in the wood stove back in March. The sense of nostalgia sparked excitement for a new summer of memories ahead – memories of […]

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We’ve had a long winter, folks! Now here we are on the other side, the spring side, which means camping season is within reach! In two weeks (give or take a few days), I’ll be headed back up to the end of the Gunflint Trail to prepare for summer at the Pepper Shack. As you […]

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