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If you’ve ever wondered what winter camping is really like, this post is for you! By the end, if you still want to go winter camping, pop your email below and I’ll send you my guide to winter camping! *If you’re on a mobile device, CLICK HERE to get the Winter Camping Guide. I’m not […]

5 Realities of Winter Camping

Dreaming up your next road trip? These tips will help keep your dream road trip stress-free! Because, let’s face it, traveling in any way can be more stressful than the romanticized vision in your mind. BUT with the right mindset and the heavy lifting I’ve done for you here, it doesn’t have to be. 📌 […]

14 Tips for a Stress-Free Road Trip

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my outdoor experiences, it’s that I need relatively few gizmos, gadgets, gear, and clothing to feel happy and at home in the wilderness. However, here’s the caveat: those few items I need must be good quality, functional, and intentional! Quality I cannot frequently have my gear breaking or […]

My BWCA Camping Essentials

The other day I read an Instagram caption from a very outdoorsy girl. The caption was about how she sometimes feels like an imposter among a sea of bonafide outdoors people. She described how she “couldn’t build a fire to save her life” while the people around her seemed to have their fire craft dialed […]

4 Simple Fire Starters That Actually Work!

What’s your least favorite part about going on a canoe trip? Your answer: I’d love to know! Comment below! My answer: Packing! Usually, I end up throwing some random crap in a pack to avoid the stress of meticulously packing…I’m not what they call “a perfectionist”. However, this year I’m not doing that! Instead, I’ve […]

Canoe Trip Packing Checklist

It can be hard to know what to pack for a winter camping trip, I know! You’ve got to consider tent options, sleep systems, clothing strategy…and don’t even get me started on the food preparation! Which is why I’ve put together a complete checklist you can steal for your next trip! Here’s the deal, only […]

What to Bring Winter Camping