Getting Prepared for Winter Off-Grid

The first snowflakes of the season fell yesterday! Fall colors have peaked and now the scale is tipping towards winter, which means preparations must be made in order to survive the colder months. If you’ve been reading along since last winter, you already know I live in a primitive cabin in the remote wilderness of […]

The other day, my partner asked if I was planning to keep a phenology journal this fall, which sent me looking for the one I kept last October. I found it tucked away at the back of my bookshelf collecting dust. As I flipped through the pages, I regretted ever stopping the seasonal journal because, […]

The Benefits of Keeping a Phenology Journal

The other day I was sitting in traffic when I saw the person next to me honk at the woman in front of him because she wasn’t closing the gap in front of her fast enough. The man proceeded to direct some fowl…sign language at her. That’s when I thought to myself, “I have got […]

An Experiment: Living Mostly Off-Grid to Living Very On-Grid

Embracing Change – Spring Edition

If you know me well, you’ll know I don’t like change. I can’t help it…it’s always been in my nature to hang on to people, places, things, thoughts – out of fear of the unknown. I bet you’ve felt the same fear yourself…change is unsettling while certainty is comfortable. I’m really really good at getting […]

The night after the January blood moon, Cassidy was in the middle of telling me a story when we crested over a hill to discover them, a mama moose and her yearling baby trotting down the middle of the Gunflint Trail. I put the brakes on, skidding down the hill straight for the pair. Under […]

How to See a Moose Every Week