Cabin Thoughts: Is Consumerism to Blame for Our Unhappiness?

I’ve had something on my mind for the past two weeks. And I mean, reaallly on my mind. I wasn’t sure if writing about it here would fit in amongst my BWCA trip blogs and camping recipes but, what the hell, I’m going to write about it because it’s been pounding at the spot between […]

Have you ever seen pictographs? Better question, have you ever seen really clear pictographs? Often times you have to squint to really make out the images but not in Cache Bay! The pictographs on the east side of the bay are plain as day and make for a good excuse to plan a trip. My […]

Short BWCA Trip – Cache Bay Pictographs

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my outdoor experiences, it’s that I need relatively few gizmos, gadgets, gear, and clothing to feel happy and at home in the wilderness. However, here’s the caveat: those few items I need must be good quality, functional, and intentional! Quality I cannot frequently have my gear breaking or […]

My BWCA Camping Essentials

5 Day BWCA Trip – Voyageur Highway

Back in March, my Uncle Terry who runs our sister camp, Camp Birchwood for Girls, asked me if I had any interest in leading a 5 Day BWCA trip for a group of seven girls and one co-leader. I believe my answer was, “heck yeah!” The plan was to do the Voyageur Highway, which was […]

After a rainy morning, the entire Camp decided to spend the afternoon at (what we call) “Back Lake”. It has another name but we like to keep this little Boundary Waters oasis a secret because it butts up against our property line. We call this afternoon activity the “Back Lake Hangout” where our campers can […]

(Not Your Average) Backcountry Orange Cake Recipe

If you were given 24 hours, starting tomorrow at noon, to do whatever you wanted – what would you do with those hours? This is the thought I came out of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) with yesterday. I’ve noticed there’s often a theme to every trip and this 24-hour trip’s theme was TIME. […]

How to Spend 24 Hours in the BWCA – Rose Lake Edition

The Most Simple and Delicious Campfire Dessert

If you didn’t already know, I like to keep things simple! It’s too easy to complicate life so I am very intentional about simplifying whenever I can. Whether it be my life in a grander sense or something as small as cooking over a campfire – I like to take a simplistic approach. So, when […]

When I started An Outdoor Experience, I wanted it to be a place to share practical outdoor advice (i.e. 4 Simple Fire Starters That Actually Work) but I wanted to keep wilderness philosophy paramount! Although helpful, outdoor advice is a dime a dozen but stories, however, are worth their weight in gold. You’ve heard my […]

What Trees Have Taught Me About Living Life

The other day I read an Instagram caption from a very outdoorsy girl. The caption was about how she sometimes feels like an imposter among a sea of bonafide outdoors people. She described how she “couldn’t build a fire to save her life” while the people around her seemed to have their fire craft dialed […]

4 Simple Fire Starters That Actually Work!