My Unpopular Opinion About Holiday Gift-Giving

I bet you’re starting to see a lot of Christmas gift-giving guides and holiday sale advertisements popping up, aren’t you? Lots of chatter about Black Friday? The other day, I was talking to my dear friend, Pam, about the expectations of gift-giving this holiday season. She mentioned a friend who isn’t giving gifts this year […]

“Girl, when are you going to do a cabin tour?” I know! I know! This video is long overdue but a) I’m weird in front of the camera and b) the Pepper Shack is my personal space…I wanted it to be just right before I had company over for a cabin tour. Ya know what […]

Cabin Tour – A Peek Inside the Pepper Shack

2am – Why am I wide awake? Sound familiar? This used to happen to me A LOT (and occasionally still does). That’s back when I didn’t have much of an evening ritual. I would wake up in the middle of the night, after hours of surface-level sleep, with my mind racing. When that happens it’s […]

6 Tips to Create a Cozy Evening Ritual

“Slow Living” – What You Need to Know

I posted about the “Slow Living” Movement on a recent Instagram post and had so many great responses to it. I asked people to tell me everything they know about slow living and, it turns out, lots of folks wanted to know more…so here we are! Now, I don’t claim to have this whole slow […]

The first snowflakes of the season fell yesterday! Fall colors have peaked and now the scale is tipping towards winter, which means preparations must be made in order to survive the colder months. If you’ve been reading along since last winter, you already know I live in a primitive cabin in the remote wilderness of […]

Getting Prepared for Winter Off-Grid

What is it about fall that makes a person want to cozy up with a mug of hot apple cider and a juicy book? Can you relate? If you can, this list is for you! There’s something for everybody here – witchy fiction, suspenseful mystery, witty nonfiction, wilderness philosophy, self-help, and even a couple of […]

8 Books on My Fall Reading List

3 Secret Fall Hikes of the Gunflint Trail

Think of these secret hikes I’m about to give you as short and sweet little gems of fall color! These are perfect for those driving up the Gunflint Trail in search of easily accessible yet quiet spots. Spots where locals who are “in the know” would go for a stroll. How secret is “secret”? *skeptical […]

This post is wildly overdue! I know! It’s like when you run into a friend and forget to introduce them to the other person you’re with. Poor manners, I’m sorry! So, without further ado, this is my sweet sweet friend, companion, and working doggo – Arlo Grace! Arlo and I became inseparable when I picked […]

Have You Met Arlo?

The other day, my partner asked if I was planning to keep a phenology journal this fall, which sent me looking for the one I kept last October. I found it tucked away at the back of my bookshelf collecting dust. As I flipped through the pages, I regretted ever stopping the seasonal journal because, […]

The Benefits of Keeping a Phenology Journal