An Experiment: Living Mostly Off-Grid to Living Very On-Grid

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  1. susie says:

    Are you spending the summer there? I love your insight into things. But, I still like warm showers and indoor toilets!!

    • admin says:

      Yes! 🙂 I will be there all summer. Thank you so much! I think warm showers and indoor toilets are wonderful things too haha but it’s always nice to go camping and be without them to make you appreciate the simple things.

  2. Jill Tompkins says:

    Ash-I really enjoy your posts. My husband and I will be cooking at VCO this summer. We just got here a week ago. The ice on the river is out. Looking forward to meeting you soon! Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jill! Yay!! I’m so excited to meet you and your husband! Cassidy had mentioned you two would be working there this summer. My dad and I should be back up late this week (maybe early next week) so we will be sure to stop in and say hello!

  3. Geoff says:

    Hey Ashley,

    I really enjoy your points here. I know… Surprise! ????????

    I will ask you this question:

    Why do you think that I became a forester?


    You touch on this concept in this very post.

    It’s the connection! And sure, you get to know yourself very well when you spend the time out there, and ultimately you are your most important friend in this life, so that’s really a perk!

    But to connect with the less human impacted side of nature is the real amazing connection to me.

    I’ve felt like this the first time I used to go walk the lakeshore when I was 7 years old or so.

    My family was like… Why do you want to go camp alone in the woods (in my teens)?

    I think you might understand this better now. Lots of people don’t. Most will never connect like that.

    To read your discovery of the goose rock-egg the other day brought me a lot of joy. I smiled because I know what it feels like to discover threatened species… Needles in haystacks you run into when you are alone. It’s just… What a wonderful gift of serendipity!

    I value it so much more than money, because the supply of such moments are far less common in one’s short lifespan.

    If you think about it, discovery is the first point of new connection!


    Connection is aprerequisite to love and love is satisfying. It’s bliss really, think about it… Do you say you live pizza because you’re dissatisfied with the taste?

    Right now here we’re about to have an explosion of trilliums, among other ephemeral herbs and forbs.

    This is the best time to be in the Northern herb rich forests. The neo tropical migratory birds are moving through and soon warblers will be here. Every year I look forward to hearing redstarts and yellowthroats and Tanagers as the each arrive back… I hope they catch more mosquitoes this year!

    Enjoy this miraculous blessing!

    BE COOL! ????


    • admin says:

      Hey Geoff! Thank you for reading and the wonderful commentary. I like what you said about discovery being the first point of new connection. Very true! Thank you for sharing that tidbit of wisdom!

  4. Kim says:

    Every single word of this lines up with what I’ve also realized in my life of living off grid! You wrote it beautifully and perfectly! Thank for taking time to write out your thoughts!

    • admin says:

      Hi Kim! Thank YOU so much for reading! It’s so fun to hear from someone who also lives off grid! I love that you have realized all of these points!